The community houses exist to provide loving homes where people can experience acceptance, nurture, growth and challenge as disciples of Jesus. From time to time we have people who would benefit from living in a community house but for a variety of reasons are unable to pay rent and bills, asylum seekers and refugees are an obvious example.

As a community of communities we are seeking to start a fund that supports a room in one of the community houses, allowing someone who needs our help to live for free for a period of time, as they seek to stabilise their life and find a sustainable way of living. We are thankful for the amazing privilege of living in these homes and we want to demonstrate God's love in practical ways by offering a home to those in desperate need. We are inviting members of our extended 'community of communities' to donate a small amount regularly to 'Raise A Room' between us!

Visit the facebook page here: www.facebook.com/Raise-a-Room

If you would like to contribute towards the room and board for someone who cannot afford it, please send your gift via our donations page, making sure to add a message with your donation which says ‘Raise a Room’.

Thank you for your generosity.

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