An oasis in the midst of mayhem. The eccentric festival venue provides party-goers with a Sunday afternoon vibe all weekend. Bringing heaven to earth in true LoveBristol style, Elemental guests receive out-of-this-world hospitality and a whole lot of love. Free of charge.

From its home for over 20 years at Glastonbury, Elemental made its Boomtown debut in 2019. A naturally supernatural team offer life-readings (prophecy and words of knowledge), blessings, healings, prescence therapy and glitter. Lots of glitter. A steady and inquisitive crowd enter the blissful atmosphere accentuated by a backdrop of Entertainment with a capital ‘E’ - Outstanding live music performances and spoken word poetry; quirky quizzes and the infamous ‘Ambient Hour’, there is something for everyone and all are welcome. You won’t find comfier seats either.

Find us on:

Facebook Boomtown: www.facebook.com/elementalBoomTown @elementalboomtown

Facebook Glastonbury: www.facebook.com/WeAreElementalArts @WeAreElementalArts