Prayer Room in working order

We’ve worked out most of the major wrinkles regarding the prayer room, and after two intense days of work (thanks to everyone who helped), we’re ready to launch! We don’t have an official date yet, but the room is officially open. Here are some photos of the progress. We’re about 90% there. Here’s what more needs to be done:

  1. Finish Stokes Croft painting (Andy)
  2. a bit more carpeting, but the main bit is done
  3. need more worship music
  4. need art materials:
    • pencils
    • paper
    • pens
    • books
    • bibles
    • markers, etc…
  5. a tad bit more white painting on nooks, crannies, walls & ceiling

Some come along anytime to drop some stuff off, paint or pray. We’ll experiment using the sign-up form here. And here are some photos of the current progress and state.

2 Responses to “Prayer Room in working order”

  1. Abby Says:

    Looking good guys! Exciting! Just need to cut out some time to get down there and get praying! It looks AMAZINGLY different from when we saw it before Christmas – good job!

  2. Chris Lorensson Says:

    Thanks Abby, it looks even BETTER now that we’ve cleaned it all up! And Andy finished the Stokes Croft map, which is friggin’ awesome too.

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