Love Bristol Community is exactly as it sounds, we are community of people who Love Bristol and everyone it. We long to see the city and all its inhabitants reach their fullest potential and believe that we can only do that when we live as community. We have been building our Love Bristol family for the last couple of years through friendship, trust and love. It was, on occasion, not easy but what worth having is! It is only through the sharing of lives that transformation can occur, whether that is personal or in the wider community. We long to see the Stokes Croft area of Bristol continue to grow as a thriving community, internationally renowned and recognised by its creativity and care

In a fragmented world where we are fed an unhealthy diet of consumerism, self satisfaction and self hatred by an ever overbearing media, isn’t it time we rose up and made a statement of truth. The truth is this: we are worth more than we could ever imagine, and when we work together we can change the world. Yes, we are Christians but we don’t use it as a weapon, our faith is our cornerstone but it is never a wall. We long to see the division of religion torn down, let us be drawn together by our commonalities not divided by our differences. We live to love God and also to love our neighbour as ourselves. Let us all work together, whoever you are and wherever you’ve come from, to build a community of love, equality, justice and of course: unity